God and social justice

I have thought a lot about God, the Bible, and social justice. I do believe in God and I have thought for a long time on what exactly to put here.  So here it is.  What I have come up with is that God is the perfect example of social justice.  He loves everybody.  He loves the ones that love him.  He also loves the ones that don’t believe in him, and the ones that hate him.  Everybody has equal opportunity to know him find thier way in heaven one day.  We the people that read the Bible and take it to mean what we think is best are the ones that make the Bible challeging.  Nobody on this Earth will ever really know exactly what each verse in the Bible is truely saying or what they truely mean.  It is clear that God LOVES everybody.  It is also clear that God FORGIVES everybody.  We should take that and use it in our lives daily.  If we would learn as individuals, a nation, and a world to Love, forgive, and not judge we would see what a social just world looks like.  The Bible if full of characteristic and values that show what would create social justice.  I know that people have different views and thoughts on the Bible.  If you sat 10 people down and asked them what the Bible really says you would get 10 different thoughts.  I don’t believe that God expects any of us to understand and know what 100 percent of the Bible is saying.  What I do think that God wants us to know and understand is that he loves us all and that if we have love, forgiveness, and understanding attitudes we will learn to treat others equally.  I would lie if I said I never judge anybody.  I try on a daily basis not to.  What I do know and understand is this.  I do not want to judge and I try not to because if I judge somebody else then they have a right to judge me.  Belive me the Lord knows that there is plenty to judge in my life.  I sinned several times today and I was at work.  One would think that I would behave.  The only shoes I have ever walked in is my own.  I know that there have been several wrong steps taken in these shoes.  I try to learn from those wrong steps and never walk those paths again.  I have not walked in your shoes so I can never say a word about the steps that you have taken or the ones that you are about to.

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