Fight for the ones that fight for us

I have gotten some new inspiration and a whole new outlook on our Veterans since my Call to Action Project.   I was under the assumption that there were not enough resources out there for our Veterans.  I have talked with a lot of Veterans and thier families.  This is what I have learned.  There are resources out there.  The Veterans just feel unsafe to use them.  In the military a soldier is labeled “crazy” if they seek mental health help.  They are o.k. if they need help with physical problems but if they are mentally unstable they are labeled.  My first thought is the label we put on men in this society.  A man should be able to handle anything.  They are strong and they can cope with anything.  I do not know what goes on at war.  Quite frankly I don’t know if I want to know.  I don’t know if I could take the truth of war.  I have heard stories and we Americans can see pieces of war on the television.  It is unreasonable to think that these men and women can go into these wars and not be mentally affected.  They deal and handle with things that most Americans will never even know about.  How can we expect these soldiers to come back without any mental affects?  It tears me up inside to think that they fight for me and this country and then they come back and they are not able to get the needed help without getting labeled.  Most of these Veterans know that they need help but they know that they could jeopardize thier ranks or possible promotions in the military if they get help.  When they choose not to get help, it effects them and thier families.  These effects last for years and effect several generations of families.  I am troubled to know that this is going on in our military yet we continue to send thousands of men and women to war without stopping the problem.  I am so very thankful for our military.  They step up and willing do things that most Americans would refuse to do.  I want them to be able to come home and get the help they need without consequense.  I feel that they deserve this.

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