Racism is Racism

My husband was recently in college.  He had a class on racism and he was amazed on what he learned about our society.  His professor showed a film at the beginning of class without any introduction.  In the film a man had a pick up truck and went to pick up a group of hispanic men at thier house.  He told the men that he had work for them and that he would pay them at the end of the day.  In the film the man took the hispanic men and drove them to the INS office.  These men immediately jumped out of the truck and started to run.  My husband stated that most of the people in the class started to laugh as the hispanic men took off running.  The teacher immediately cut off the film and asked the question.  If this same film was shown but it had Black illegal immigrants in the back of that truck would any of you have felt comfortable laughing at them?  My husband stated that the class became quiet.  Nobody responded.  The teacher then talked about how racism is bad no matter who it is against.  This country has worked hard to try to correct racism with the African American population but are we really working on getting rid of racism completely?  He talked about t.v. shows such as Family Guy and others that right out make fun of several different populations.  A character on the family guy is in a wheelchair and can not move his legs.  There are jokes made every show about his disabilities.  Social Justice at it’s  purest form is that every individual no matter race, sex, age, or disabiliity is equal.  America will have reached pure social justice when we do not feel comfortable laughing at any individual who is being oppressed.  America is having  a hard time with the “melting pot” that it is becoming.  We are individuals with our own history, morals, beliefs, attributes, etc.  When we learn how beautiful this is and how to work together to build America up, then we have learned about social justice.

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