Fight for the ones that fight for us

I have gotten some new inspiration and a whole new outlook on our Veterans since my Call to Action Project.   I was under the assumption that there were not enough resources out there for our Veterans.  I have talked with a lot of Veterans and thier families.  This is what I have learned.  There are resources out there.  The Veterans just feel unsafe to use them.  In the military a soldier is labeled “crazy” if they seek mental health help.  They are o.k. if they need help with physical problems but if they are mentally unstable they are labeled.  My first thought is the label we put on men in this society.  A man should be able to handle anything.  They are strong and they can cope with anything.  I do not know what goes on at war.  Quite frankly I don’t know if I want to know.  I don’t know if I could take the truth of war.  I have heard stories and we Americans can see pieces of war on the television.  It is unreasonable to think that these men and women can go into these wars and not be mentally affected.  They deal and handle with things that most Americans will never even know about.  How can we expect these soldiers to come back without any mental affects?  It tears me up inside to think that they fight for me and this country and then they come back and they are not able to get the needed help without getting labeled.  Most of these Veterans know that they need help but they know that they could jeopardize thier ranks or possible promotions in the military if they get help.  When they choose not to get help, it effects them and thier families.  These effects last for years and effect several generations of families.  I am troubled to know that this is going on in our military yet we continue to send thousands of men and women to war without stopping the problem.  I am so very thankful for our military.  They step up and willing do things that most Americans would refuse to do.  I want them to be able to come home and get the help they need without consequense.  I feel that they deserve this.

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God and social justice

I have thought a lot about God, the Bible, and social justice. I do believe in God and I have thought for a long time on what exactly to put here.  So here it is.  What I have come up with is that God is the perfect example of social justice.  He loves everybody.  He loves the ones that love him.  He also loves the ones that don’t believe in him, and the ones that hate him.  Everybody has equal opportunity to know him find thier way in heaven one day.  We the people that read the Bible and take it to mean what we think is best are the ones that make the Bible challeging.  Nobody on this Earth will ever really know exactly what each verse in the Bible is truely saying or what they truely mean.  It is clear that God LOVES everybody.  It is also clear that God FORGIVES everybody.  We should take that and use it in our lives daily.  If we would learn as individuals, a nation, and a world to Love, forgive, and not judge we would see what a social just world looks like.  The Bible if full of characteristic and values that show what would create social justice.  I know that people have different views and thoughts on the Bible.  If you sat 10 people down and asked them what the Bible really says you would get 10 different thoughts.  I don’t believe that God expects any of us to understand and know what 100 percent of the Bible is saying.  What I do think that God wants us to know and understand is that he loves us all and that if we have love, forgiveness, and understanding attitudes we will learn to treat others equally.  I would lie if I said I never judge anybody.  I try on a daily basis not to.  What I do know and understand is this.  I do not want to judge and I try not to because if I judge somebody else then they have a right to judge me.  Belive me the Lord knows that there is plenty to judge in my life.  I sinned several times today and I was at work.  One would think that I would behave.  The only shoes I have ever walked in is my own.  I know that there have been several wrong steps taken in these shoes.  I try to learn from those wrong steps and never walk those paths again.  I have not walked in your shoes so I can never say a word about the steps that you have taken or the ones that you are about to.

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How well are we taking care of our veterans?

A Senator who has remained anonymous tried to put a block on the Veterans getting a cost of living raise this year.  I feel if anybody needs a cost of living raise it is our veterans.  They have earned it.  My first question is if this Senator is remaining anonymous then do they really believe that this is a good idea?  I usually stand behind my decisions if I believe in them.  There are veterans that are coming home and they are not getting the services that they need.  Some veterans have to wait extended periods of time to get the needed benefits.  I feel that it is unfortunate that now somebody is trying to take away pay that they are getting while they are fighting for and trying to defend this country.

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Do the Elderly Always Get to Choose?

Nobody wants to think about getting old but it is something that we will all have to deal with one day.  The number of elderly that have to go into homes are increasing due to more family members having to work and the elderly not having caregivers.  Is there a time when the elderly don’t get to decide what they want?  Here are 2 examples.

John is 88.  He is alert, oriented x4 and completely competent.  He has liver failure due to a history of alcoholism.  His doctor told him that if he drinks again it will kill him.  Sw come to his house and he tells the Sw that his cousin is coming this weekend and he is going to party one more time.  Patient’s wife is crying because she does not want him to go.  She wants Sw to make him not go by admitting him to the hospital. He states that it is his right and this is his last wish.   Sw informs patient and spouse that patient is competent and he can make that decision.  Sw can not stop him.  Sw strongly encourages him not to drink and informs him of the consequences.  He states that he understands.  Patient spends the weekend drinking and comes back on Sunday night in bad health.  On Tuesday patient passes away because he can not recover.

Chris is 88.  He is alert, oriented x4 and competent.  He has broken his hip so he can not walk.  Hospice has an aide that comes in 2 hours a day and his daughter(Amy) is with him the rest of the time.  Amy has to get a job.  She has family that checks in periodically on patient.  Patient gets his medications and always has food and drink by his side.  He has a cell phone and a lifeline to call in case of an emergency.  Hospice finds out that he is left alone periodically during the day.  They state that they can no longer follow him because he does not have 24 hour care and there are no resources available to help him.  Patient understands that if the house catches on fire he would not get out but he wants to remain in his home and refuses to go to a nursing home.  Patient states that he is not afraid and he has neighbors that he can call.  Hospice Sw informs him that 24 hour care is mandatory even if he is competent and understands the risks.  Hospice has to pull out and Adult Protective Services has to be called.

Why does one get to choose the way they spend the rest of thier life and one doesn’t?

Is it fair to pick and choose when somebody is competent because they are elderly?

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